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About us

DFA is a German language institute. As a native speaking team, we have set ourselves the goal of offering language assistance to those who want to master the German language and to help them get a closer look at the German culture.
We aim not only to help people to speak fluent German but to understand, think and live the German language and culture.
Our strategy is built upon innovation and the most up to date techniques in language teaching.

Since November 2012, we offer German courses at a high level for interested students. Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated native- speaking german teachers who guarantee first-class education. We offer general courses for beginners, conversation courses and special courses for doctors and engineers in German. Our motto is “Get to know Germany closer”. Our idea is to help you learn about the German language and culture by watching movies and songs. We don’t want to convey information from dusty-books, but the living, spoken german language. For this reason, idioms and colloquial language is an integral part of our teaching strategy.

Meet The Team

About Us  
Mi-Jin Busse
Language Instruction Supervisor
Originally from Gottingen, Germany. Mi Jin conducts conversation and customer services courses at DFA. She is responsible for completion of courses materials and of conducting courses at partner companies. In addition to German she masters Arabic, English and French.As a Language Instruction Supervisor she is responsible for professional development for instructional improvement based on current research and trends of language teaching.
About Us  
Mohamed Refaat
DFA Founder
Mohamed is the owner of project idea and he is DFA strategic planner. He is responsible as well for all legal transactions as well as commercial and organizational affairs. Mohamed masters German, English and Arabic.. Send email
About Us  
Mohamed Salama
DFA co-founder
He is the owner and act as a project manager. Mohamed is responsible for the planning, management, co-ordination and financial control of DFA. In addition to Arabic he masters German and English.. Send email
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Wael Zayed
Communication Manager
Wael has completed his Conference Interpreting Master in Leipzig, Germany. He successfully accomplished an internship at the German Bundestag. He lives in Berlin and he manages DFA communication including social media.
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Samar Mohamed
HR Manager
Samar is responsible for all staff planning and development at DFA. She manages conducting interviews to applicants, creating personnel files and official correspondence.Send email
About Us  
Aya Ramadan
Project Assistant
Aya welcomes, meets interested visitors and informs them about the different activities of DFA. Aya maintains personal contact with our students via phone. She arranges appointments, collects feedback from students and receives complaints.Send email
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Nesreen Mahmoud
Language Instructor
Nesreen finished her Linguistics language diploma at the University of Munich. She teaches DFA German beginners levels from A1 to B2.
About Us  
Lina Khaled
Language Instructor
Lina is a graduate of the German School of Borromaerinnen in Cairo, Egypt. She conducts beginners courses. She teaches levels from A1 to B2. Lina is in charge of children’s programs at DFA as well. She fluently speaks German, English and Arabic.
About Us  
Monique Dorn
Language Instructor
Monique is from Germany and she moved to Egypt two years ago. She conducts all DFA conversation levels and she is responsible for the substantive and methodological design of conversation courses.