Arabic for Germans

DFA courses

There are a lot of Germans living in Egypt. Many of them are facing problems in their everyday life as they don’t speak Arabic well. Some peopledo not feel comfortablein going out on their own or are forced to pay unreasonably amounts of moneywhenever buying something. We at DFA offer courses for Egyptian Colloquial Arabic to enable Germans to express themselves in Arabic and to talk to people on the street.
Would you like to be able finally to read the countless street signs? Then you’ve come to the right place! Put an end to the eternal search for English-speaking Egyptians! Stop the eternal taxi rides because you do not understand complicated underground signs and maps! In our Arabic course, the everyday language has the highest importance.
Our goal is help you speak in a very short time in generalbasic topics.
In addition, we alsooffer an introductory course to life in Egypt, so you can feel at home here soon.