Customer service Special Course

DFA courses

Customer service courses concentrate on business and technical language and also teach dealing with German customers.
The main scope of this course is to coach the candidates on how to deal with German customer considering the following:
• Being familiar with all German technical expressions.
• Being able to run a professional conversation. (Greeting, owning the customer issue, delighting the customer and wrapping up the call).
• Being able to distinguish the different German dialects and understand them.
• Working on pronunciation issues and enhancing the ability to sound neutral.
• Enhancing the fluency level relying on our DFA cinema and native instructors.
• Working intensively on how to pass an interview going through all the expected questions and their model answers.
• Working on self-expression development. With a native speaking team, we count on the most up to date teaching methods and most recent materials to ensure that our students get the most benefit from this course.