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DFA certificate

DFA, the Egyptian Institute, holds the distinction of being the first and only institute in Egypt and the Middle East whose certificate is recognized and accepted by three prestigious international universities worldwide.

In 2021, on the occasion of DFA’s ninth anniversary, Frankfurt University, ranked 18th in Germany and a member of the European University Association (EUA), officially accredited the DFA certificate. This accreditation enables any DFA certificate holder to demonstrate their proficiency in the German language and gain acceptance at Goethe University Frankfurt. This recognition applies to all stages of education, including undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees, allowing DFA certificate holders to pursue studies in any field offered by the university.

In the following year, 2022, Berlin University, ranked 5th in Germany, also accredited the DFA certificate. This accreditation further solidifies the recognition and value of the DFA certificate among German universities.

Now, in 2023, Krems University in Austria has made a significant decision. They have chosen to accept the DFA certificate as sufficient proof of language proficiency for admission, eliminating the need for students to present any other language certificate. This decision opens doors for all students who hold the DFA Certificate to join Krems University without the requirement of additional language certification.

Overall, DFA’s accomplishments include the recognition and acceptance of its certificate by Frankfurt University, Berlin University, and Krems University. This recognition allows DFA certificate holders to pursue their academic aspirations in Germany and Austria without additional language certification.