DFA Scholarship

منحة #الألماني_مستقبل

We aim not only to help Graduates and senior students, regardless of their field of study, to reach the B2/C1 level but also to educate, train, and support them to be hired by multinational companies.





Please take 3 minutes to read the below rules and regulations then proceed further


  • Egyptian applicants only.
  • Applicants must be University graduates or final-year students
  • Age is restricted up to 33 years old.
  • Applicants should have two German levels A1&A2 and the exit level is B2/C1.( due to CEFR).
  • Male Applicants must have completed or be fully exempted from military service.
  • An acknowledgment will be signed after screening and acceptance.
  • Each applicant pays insurance fee  as a deposit. The amount will be reimbursed upon getting the full-time contract.

Program Frequency: 3 & 4 days a week.

  • Types of courses: Face-to-face (offline), online classrooms
  • process once the application is received:
  • Online written test
  •  Oral test and face-to-face interview in DFA Misr Elgdeda
  • completing legal Documents

Registration form available through the below Form: