DFA Publishing

In an important step towards enhancing education and its development in Egypt and the Arab world, DFA Holding Group has inaugurated the first 100% Egyptian publishing house specializing in the preparation of German language curricula

The new publishing house is considered one of the most important Egyptian publishing houses for German language students, aiming to assist students in efficiently and effectively learning the German language. The publishing house stands out by offering specially designed curricula to meet the diverse needs of students, incorporating various activities that help improve their language skills.

The publishing house strives to become the leading entity of its kind in the Egyptian market to prepare German language curricula. It aims to achieve this by delivering high-quality services and innovative products, as well as collaborating with schools, universities, and other educational institutions in Egypt.

The inauguration of the new publishing house represents a significant step in the development of education in Egypt, particularly in foreign language learning. This achievement presents a great opportunity for students who aspire to learn the German language, as they can benefit from curricula specifically designed for them, enabling them to achieve maximum progress in language learning.

Overall, the launch of the new publishing house is a noteworthy addition to the educational landscape in Egypt, reaffirming the commitment of Egyptian companies to enhance education and learning in the country. It is hoped that the publishing house will achieve its goals and become the number one player in the Egyptian market for German language curricula, attaining success and prosperity in the future.