Our Story

Welcome to the accredited German Insitiute DFA

Our Story started in 2007, our graduation year, as German-speakers had a different vision we believe in and needs to be delivered ” focusing on learning the spoken language, not the written one”
Since November 2012, we offer German courses at a high level for interested students. Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated native speaker teachers who guarantee a first-class education. We offer general courses for beginners and conversation courses besides the special courses for doctors and engineers in German. The motto, by which we work, is “Get to know Germany closer”.
Our idea is to learn the German language and culture by watching movies and songs. What we want to convey is not a dusty-books, but the living, spoken language. For this reason, idioms and colloquial language is an integral part of our teaching strategy.

 As Qualified C1 teachers and an experienced & well-educated Management team, we have set ourselves the goal of offering language assistance to those who want to master the German language and to help them achieve their business goals. 

We aim not only to help people to speak fluent German but to understand, think and live the German language and culture.

Our strategy is built upon innovation and the most up-to-date techniques in language teaching.

In 2021, which was also witnesses the ninth anniversary of DFA, Goethe University Frankfurt – ranked 18th in Germany and member of European University Association (EUA) – has accredited the DFA certificate that any DFA certificate holder is accepted at Goethe University Frankfurt as proof of his German language proficiency to study any of the fields offered by the university at all stages of undergraduate scholar years, master degree and PhD.

‏Mohamed Salama, CEO/Founder of DFA, confirmed that this accreditation is one of an incoming chain of accreditations by all the German government universities as a part of the big plan of building bridges between Egypt and Germany to qualify and present the Egyptian youth for the global market