DFA German Business School, is the 1st Business school in the Middle East where the applicants who mastered the German language can choose and develop themselves in one of our customized programs that will help them reaching their own business Objective. 


Be the 1st and the biggest German Business school in Middle East who helping those who mastered the German language using our fully customized and specialized programs to reach their own business objective by getting hired through the “German speakers international website “ whether in Egypt or in one of the Europe counties who speaks German.


Creating and developing specialized German programs related to the contact centers, software testing, teaching, and translation Fields, in addition to the medical and technical terminologies and expressions for Doctors and Engineers to help those who mastered the German language to get a suitable Job.

DFA German Business school Programs will be

  • German for Doctors program: a specialized program for Doctors who are planning to travel to Germany to give them the chance to learn the medical expressions and terminologies that they will need to work as a Doctor in Germany.
  • German for Engineers program: a customized program for Engineers who are searching for a Job in Germany. The program will give them the opportunity to know the terminologies related to their field. 
  • German for Nurses program: for Nurses who are willing to work in Germany, a fully customized program to learn them how they can interact with patients in German by giving them the tips and tricks related to their field. 
  • Train to hire program: For those who are willing to work in the contact centers, the program concentrate on business and technical language plus how to deal with your customers into German 
  • German for web-developers program: since we are believing in supporting our students in their career path, in a cooperation with the international company – Expleo, DFA is offering for their students the basics of the software testing which will be conducted by Expleo trainers 
  • Schulung program: if you are willing to be a good German teacher, in this program you will learn how to create an interesting and entertaining German session using the most creative teaching methods.