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Explore Goethe University Frankfurt: Your Gateway to Diverse Academic Pathways

DFA is proud to announce an exclusive opportunity for aspiring students looking to pursue higher education in Germany. As DFA’s certificate is accredited by one of the biggest universities in Germany, we are delighted to invite you to meet representatives from Goethe University Frankfurt. This unique event aims to provide valuable insights into the university’s offerings and equip you with the necessary information to prepare for your application. With 16 faculties covering a wide range of disciplines, Goethe University Frankfurt presents a world of educational possibilities.

1. (Faculty of Law):
2. (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration)
3. (Faculty of Social Sciences)
4. (Faculty of Educational Sciences)

5.(Faculty of Psychology and Sports Sciences)
6. (Faculty of Protestant Theology)

7. (Faculty of Catholic Theology):

8. (Faculty of Philosophy and History)

9. (Faculty of Language and Cultural Studies)

10. (Faculty of Modern Philology)

11.(Faculty of Geosciences/Geography)

12.(Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics)

13. (Faculty of Physics)

14. (Faculty of Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pharmacy)

15.(Faculty of Biological Sciences)

16. (Faculty of Medicine)

Goethe University Frankfurt’s 16 faculties provide a wide range of academic pathways for students seeking quality education in Germany. By attending the exclusive event hosted by DFA, you can learn more about the university’s diverse offerings and gain valuable insights into the faculties that align with your interests and career aspirations. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Goethe University Frankfurt and embark on a rewarding educational journey in one of Europe’s leading academic institutions.

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