Teaching Methods

Our Curriculum

We use the German course book ,,Menchen” for all general Levels. Why this book especially?
This book prepares students for internationally recognized German proficiency Exams like A1.1, A1.2, A2.2 ……….etc. Our book teaches students the most important situations, that help him/ her to know how to act in different everyday situations.
The main focus of this book is on the spoken language. The use of visual media is an integral part of Menschen course. By using many interesting educational videos, pictures and funny games a more entertaining learning environment is created.

Our teaching Methods

Based on our motto “Deutschland hautnah kennenlernen” that means ‘’Get to know Germany closer’’we are trying to bring the German culture closer to the participants of our courses in addition to the language. So, we focus on actual everyday language topics. The content of our courses is delivered away from conventional teaching methods through pictures, games, movies, and songs which facilitate learning and at the same time create a positive learning environment.

Through competitions and games, motivation is always maintained.

We believe that German is a very interesting language and through our methods we aim to make it even more interesting.

DFA rely on the most up to date methods and most recent materials for teaching German as a foreign language.