Free Workshops

A1 free trial Session

In our A1 free trial Session you will learn the basics of the German language and our learning methods to be able to make the decision and start your German Journey 

A2 Sprach Cafe

In our A2 Sprachcafe you will learn how to communicate in daily situations and in simple familiar topics or activities. You will learn how to have short conversations. In this Sprachcafe you will be able to describe people with their circumstances and professional activities.

Revision on A1 Grammar

Finished the 1st level and you need a revision session on the entire grammar, don’t worry, we have customized a free workshop for you to give you a revision on A1 grammar

Revision on A2 Grammar

Stuck on A2 Grammar and need to revise and to practice.. Register now in one of the most important revision workshops.

B1 Sprach Cafe

In our B1 Sprachcafe you will be able to cope with most situations. Accordingly, you can participate in conversations on any topic without preparation. You will also learn how to form and give an opinion. In our Sprachcafe we will learn together how to tell a story correctly and how to describe the plot of a book or film.

B2 Sprach Cafe

In our B2 Sprachcafe there are so many discussion groups in which you can justify and defend your opinions. We will discuss the most current topics together in the Sprachcafe and you will learn how to express the criticism and state the advantages and disadvantages of several matters.

Revision on B1 Grammar

We know that B1 level is an essential level, especially when it comes to the Grammar, that’s why we customized a revision session on B1 grammar to be able to revise and practice

Revision on B2 Grammar

are you still stuck on B2 Grammar, don’t miss this opportunity out and book your free seat in our customized revision workshop

Idioms workshop

We use idioms almost every day. Where do these phrases come from? How to use this idioms in our life? In our Idioms workshop we will answer these questions. We also take the idioms apart so that you can understand the idiom in detail.

How to pass an interview workshop

You will learn how to introduce yourself perfectly and which points such as name, age, origin, etc. should be addressed so that you can appear professional. We will give you a few tips for a successful interview. You will also learn how to highlight your skills

German for Doctors workshop

GFD is a special program for doctors who want to work to Germany. You will not only learn the daily usage of the language, but also the medical terms. The GFD workshop focuses