DFA Cinema

What is the DFA cinema?

Our main goal is to have fun while learning German. We have a new film every Friday. Everyone who is interested in the German language is invited.

Will watching movies help me learn German?

Yes of course. The movies will help you learn new vocabulary, expressions, and grammar rules. With Movies you can improve your listening comprehension as well as your pronunciation and get to know the German culture better.

How much does it cost?

Entry is free. Just come and bring your friends! We are waiting for you!

Are there any discussions after the movie?

Yes, we will have a discussion in German in the middle and at the end of the film. The discussion is about analyzing the different characters in the movie, for example the main actor, how is he portrayed, which role does he play in the movie? How can you describe his/her personality … etc.

Will these discussions improve my language?

Yes of course. By participating in these discussions, you will surely learn how to speak the language fluently. You will also learn which how to express your opinion in German.